What We Do

1- NORM Waste Management Program:

Implementation of NORM Waste Management Program (Training awareness, Survey, decontamination and storage).

2- NORM Site Surveying:

A qualified Surveyor and/or Radiation Safety Officer will go to the customer’s site, measure and perform a manual survey with a scintillating device. A complete site surveying report, and a counseling advice will be provided.

3- NORM Decontamination:

Pipe and Tools Cleaning: UNICO have a special design system (NOMINATOR) based on high power air jet (HPAJ) to clean out the pipe and equipment. The system is capable of hydraulically spinning the pipe through the unit while sand blasting. With the design of jets along with the pressure the unit is capable of cleaning mostly any type and thickness of scale and/or rust off the pipe down to the white metal. This unit is ideal for cleaning NORM impacted pipe due to no airborne dust or solids.
Tank and Vessels cleaning: Once the survey is complete and cleanup or remediation is needed, we apply high pressure and proprietary cleaning technology to most contaminated equipment, tanks and tubular. All N.O.R.M. removed is containerized for storage or processing.
Soil Decontamination: If the survey reveals contaminated soils, we will vacuum, excavate and/or remediation as needed to comply with N.O.R.M. regulations.

4- NORM Awareness Sessions:

We provide NORM awareness sessions which covers “how to deal with radioactive materials, work instructions and safety precautions and regulations”.