In each project UNICO’s team get to use different set of equipment that helps us complete the required service. This equipment is designed to ease the task for our team and make us reach a satisfying result with our clients.

1- Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC):

It is a plastic sheet with a specific grade, PVC is considered one of the must have equipment that UNICO use. We use PVC to cover the working space that our team occupies while working with contaminated equipment. The PVC is considered to be the first defense line when it comes to contaminating the soil or the working space.

2- Thermal Luminescent Dosimeter (TLD):

This is a personal dosimeter that each member of our team uses in order to indicate the amount of radiation that his body was subjected to. The TLD is sent to IAEA every 3 months in order to recognize the amount of radiation each person had in order to make sure that our team members are working with in the safe dose limit.

3- Full on PPE:

Each member of UNICO’s team is handed full on PPE prior each job to make sure that he is working in a safe environment. The PPE consists of

  • Disposal coveralls.
  • Disposal Masks.
  • Goggles.
  • Plastic Gloves.
  • Disposal safety Boots.
  • Breathing Apparatus.

4- Geiger counter:

This device is used to measure the gamma radiation present in the area. It is considered as UNICO’s sixth sense to indicate the severity of the radiation in the area before and after the job. The device is calibrated every year and the certificate is provided upon request.

5- Cutting Boxes:

UNICO has its own cutting boxes that are used to transport contaminated water and soil waste. UNICO’s boxes are made according to BS-7072 standard. It is a welded metal box with weight 0.9 ton and can take up to 4.2 m3 in volume.

6- Water Jet:

UNICO use this device when required to clean tanks and vessels. It is a cleaning machine that uses a water gun with high pressure in order to remove scales and sludge. The temperature of the water is a variable if hot water is needed. We also use detergent to ensure cleaning the equipment before handing it for operation.

7- Pump:

UNICO uses a pump with set specs in order to dispose contaminated water from the tanks/vessels into the cutting box. The pump specs are as follows:

Capacity 45 m3/hr
Vertical Eject 11 meters
Power 7.5 hp
Revolution/minute 450 RPM
Electrical power 380 Volt
Frequency 50-60 HZ

8- Norminator:

It is a device that is considered to be UNICO’s technology; it uses sand blasting with high pressure to clean contaminated equipment. It also has filters to make sure that no environment contamination will take place during operation. It is a closed system with high efficiency used for equipment decontamination.

9- Gas Detector:

UNICO has an agreement with “Oil Safe” to provide us with this device in order to detect the level of different gases in tanks and vessels prior each job. This process takes place to guarantee that there are no flammable or poisonous gases present before operating.