Unico Environmental Services

Fogger system

UNICO uses normal evaporation with small quantities of waste up to 700m3 daily with high quality we use the fogger system. (Weather condition)

Fogger system consists of a net of water injecting nozzles hanged up to 5 meters or more.

Waste water is pumped through the nozzles (With small size openings) under high pressure.

Water rush out in the open air in a very tiny drops forming a fog.

The total volume under fogger hanged raw is affected by sun and wind which increase evaporation rate up to 40 times.


Incinerator Machine

The incineration system has been designed to provide the lowest possible cost for rendering Oil Based Mud Cuttings, Sludge and Contaminated Soils totally inert.

Although no oil is recovered during the decontamination process, an energy balance is achieved by using the hydrocarbon content of the material to be treated as a fuel source. Material therefore has almost zero hydrocarbon content once treated.

Releases to atmosphere are odorless and colorless and meet set environmental standards.


General waste management

UNICO will provide the following equipment to perform the job:

  1. Colored baskets.
  2. Colored PVC Big bags.
  3. Every color will be deducted to a kind of wastes.
  4. Medium capacity trucks to transport wastes from customer sites to collecting point.
  5. 50 tons dumpers to transport wastes from collecting point to UNICO sites.
  6. Electric and electronic parts will be buried in Nasseria site.
  7. Metallic waste will be compressed and recycled.
  8. Plastics will be crushed by a crushing machines and recycled.
  9. All solid wastes like (Food – Paper) will be mixed with OBM / WBM Cuttings already stored in concert pits and incinerated by incinerator machine.

In future with greater quantities of food or paper wastes, that can be recycled by many ways:

  1. Composite production.
  2. Paper production
  3. Used as fuel for cement furnaces.

Past Experience

Waste water treatment

  • Rashid Petroleum Company (Rashpetco)
  • Egyptian Liquid Natural Gas ELNG
  • SEGAS Company through EMC Company
  • Sinai Petroleum & Mining Services Co. From 2012 till Now
  • Pheronic Petroleum Company (PHP-C) through EMC Company (2nd Winner)

Services: Treatment of oily water produced from gas or oil production

Environmental Services

  • Belayim Petroleum Company (Petrobel)
  • Badr El-Din Petroleum Company
  • Wastani Petroleum Company
  • PetroSafe Petroleum Company
  • MI Swaco Petroleum Company
  • Apache Petroleum Company
  • Shell Petroleum Company
  • Abu-Qir Petroleum Company

Services: OBMC & WBMC Treatment

Waste Managements

  • Gas de France Company
  • RWE Company
  • Sapesco
  • Schlumberger Company
  • Galaxy Company

Services: General Waste Management (Hazard & Non-Hazard)